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Moldavite Ring

Moldavite Ring

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This amazing ring is made from out-of-this-world moldavite. Ours is the real deal! Set in a 925 sterling silver setting. What's not to love! 

Moldavite is a unique and highly sought-after tektite, which is a type of glassy impact material formed from meteorite impacts. It's considered a powerful and transformative crystal in metaphysical and spiritual practices. Here are some common metaphysical properties associated with moldavite:

1. Transformation and Spiritual Evolution: Moldavite is often referred to as the "Stone of Transformation" due to its intense and rapid energetic effects. It's believed to catalyze significant changes in one's life, supporting spiritual growth, and facilitating personal evolution.

2. Accelerated Spiritual Awakening: Many people report experiencing profound spiritual awakenings and shifts in consciousness when working with moldavite. It's thought to activate the higher chakras and open channels to higher dimensions of reality.

3. Enhanced Intuition and Psychic Abilities: Moldavite is associated with enhancing intuitive abilities, clairvoyance, and telepathy. Some users find that it amplifies their innate psychic gifts and helps them access higher realms of perception.

4. Clearing and Releasing Blockages: Moldavite is believed to help clear energetic blockages and negative patterns from one's energy field. It's often used for deep emotional and spiritual healing, assisting in the release of old traumas and limiting beliefs.

5. Connection with Extraterrestrial and Cosmic Energies: Due to its meteoric origin, moldavite is thought to carry the energies of cosmic intelligence and extraterrestrial wisdom. It's used to establish a connection with higher beings and to receive guidance from the universe.

6. Manifestation and Intent Amplification: Moldavite is believed to enhance the manifestation process by amplifying intentions and focusing energy. However, it's important to approach this aspect cautiously, as moldavite's energies can be intense and unpredictable.

7. Energy Sensitivity and Ascension: Some individuals find that moldavite heightens their sensitivity to energy and vibrations. It's often used by those who are on a spiritual ascension journey, seeking to elevate their consciousness and vibration.

8. Protection and Grounding: While moldavite is known for its powerful energies, it's also said to have a protective aspect. It's thought to create a shield around the aura, preventing negative energies from attaching to the user.

9. Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel: Moldavite is associated with enhancing dream experiences, including lucid dreaming and astral travel. Placing moldavite under your pillow or using it during meditation is thought to facilitate these experiences.

10. Chakra Activation: Moldavite is believed to stimulate and activate various chakras, particularly the heart  chakra and third eye chakra. This activation is thought to promote spiritual insight, heart-centered awareness, and a connection to the divine.

It's important to note that moldavite's energies can be quite intense and not everyone responds to it in the same way. Some individuals may experience what's known as the "moldavite flush," which is a physical or energetic sensation upon first encountering the stone. If you choose to work with moldavite, start with small periods of exposure and gradually increase your interaction to gauge your sensitivity to its energies.

Always trust your intuition and listen to your body when working with moldavite or any crystal. Due to its potent effects, it's recommended to use moldavite with mindfulness and respect for its transformative power.

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