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Bee's Sage and Crystals

Outer Space Lollipop - Blackberry Flavor (1)

Outer Space Lollipop - Blackberry Flavor (1)

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This lollipop is in high demand and is handcrafted. The coolest outer space lollies for the coolest kids! 100% edible image with different outer space scenes. Dark black/purple candy with of course, our signature sparkly candy!

Each lollipop will be labeled with ingredient & allergen information.

Dimensions: 2 1/4 inches in diameter Flavor: black berry Size: 1.3 oz (36g). Branded stick: 6" long, 5 /32" thick Shelf life: we do not give set shelf life. As long as candies are stored/kept under 35% *humidity* they may last up to one year.

High humidity areas are recommended to use a dehumidifier to remove excess humidity from clouding candy.

Made in United States • Product Language: English • Shelf life: 6–12 months • Storage: Shelf-stable • Weight: 0.16 oz (4.54 g)

Ingredients Contains: Soy Our lollipops are made with locally sourced primary ingredients beet sugar, light corn syrup, water and cream of tartar. Other ingredients may vary per design, all candy labeled with respective ingredients and allergens. Each lollipop is on a 6" branded paper stick.

Eco-friendly information
Packaging: Recyclable • Product Materials: Biodegradable and Nontoxic • Production: Carbon neutral and Sustainably

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