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Green Tea Luck: Magic Spell Candle

Green Tea Luck: Magic Spell Candle

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Unlock the power of positive energy and invite good luck into your life with our enchanting Green Tea good luck spell candle. This candle combines the vibrant colour of green and the soothing aroma of green tea, creating a harmonious blend that enhances your manifestation abilities and attracts favourable outcomes.


  1. Powerful attraction: Ignite the energy of good luck with our green tea good luck spell candle, expertly formulated to amplify your intentions and draw positive vibrations into your life.

  2. Vibrant green colour: The captivating shade of green symbolises growth, prosperity, and renewal, serving as a visual reminder of the abundant opportunities and fortunate outcomes that await you.

  3. Aromatic green tea fragrance: Breathe in the calming scent of green tea as you embark on your journey to manifesting good luck. The refreshing aroma soothes the senses and promotes a tranquil ambiance during spellcasting or meditation sessions.

  4. Crafted excellence: Each candle is meticulously made for a long-lasting magical experience.

  5. Ritual ready: Our green tea luck spell candle is thoughtfully designed for magical rituals, spells, and intentions. Or just to burn and enjoy. Its size makes it easy to carry or place on an altar, enhancing the ambiance and focus of your spiritual practices.

  6. Versatile application: Whether you're seeking prosperity, success, or simply a boost of positive energy, our spell candle can be customised to suit various intentions, making it a versatile tool for your metaphysical journey.

  7. Size and Duration: The green tea luck spell candle measures H8.6cm x W5.8cm x D5.8cm. Paraffin wax.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Before lighting the candle, take a moment to centre your thoughts and visualise your desired outcome.
  2. Safely light the wick and allow the enchanting aroma of green tea to fill the space.
  3. Focus your intentions, recite affirmations, or perform your preferred spell or ritual while keeping your objective in mind.
  4. Allow the candle to burn until you feel your intentions have been released into the universe.
  5. Extinguish the flame, but keep the positive energy alive within you.

Manifest a tide of good luck into your life and new opportunities with our green tea luck spell candle. Harness the power of manifestation, embrace positive energy, and watch as the universe conspires to bring you the fortune you deserve. Order now and embark on a magical journey towards a luck-filled future!

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