Faceted Round Moldavite Stacker Ring


These beautiful stacker rings are made from out-of-this-world moldavite, literally!  Ours is the real deal! Stack several together for a statement look or use as a midi-ring. We offer them in round or oval styles. Set in a 925 sterling silver setting. 

Moldavite is a member of the Tektite group, a glassy, deep green mixture of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and other metal oxides, with an amorphous crystal system and a hardness of 5.5 to 6. It is found only in the Bohemian plateau of the Czech Republic. Moldavite has long been known as a sacred stone. It was found in altar amulets from 25,000 BCE, and has been linked in legend to the fabled Stone of the Holy Grail. It was believed in Czech folklore to guide one to one’s destiny and to help one find and preserve true love.

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