Uvarovite Pendant


How gorgeous is this uvarovite pendant! It's bright green color and generous size will definitely get the double-takes! It's set in a 925 sterling silver. 

Uvarovite is a calcium chromium silicate with a hardness of 7.5. It is found in Russia, Finland, Poland, India and the USA. Because of its deep green color, it is sometimes confused with Emerald. Uvarovite was named after a Russian statesman.

Uvarovite Garnet heals the feeling of insufficiency in all its aspects. Whether it is the sense of scarcity in finances or the lack of self-confidence, love, power, knowledge, vitality or anything else, Uvarovite can clear away the idea that it is not enough. It opens the heart, allowing one to see that one contains everything one truly needs.


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