Scheelite Pendant


This beautiful scheelite pendant can be worn with almost anything. It's such a beautiful shade of soothing blue. Set in 925 sterling silver. 

Blue Scheelite, also known as Lapis Lace Onyx, is a stone that is not actually Scheelite but rather Calcite and Dolomite. When the owner of the mine found the vein, he incorrectly identified it as a Scheelite-based stone due to its UV fluorescence. Interestingly, this Calcite and Dolomite mixture produces the same color when shown under UV light. Currently, it can only be found in one locality of Turkey.Blue

Scheelite is a soothing stone that can help ground our thoughts and ideas. Dolomite is a stone of the earth that not only balances our entire chakra column but will allow you to look at things with a more sensible outlook.

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