Rough Aquamarine in Quartz


Aquamarine is a blue or blue-green variety of Beryl, a beryllium aluminum silicate with a hardness of 7.5 to 8. Its name, derived from the Latin meaning “water of the sea” is an apt description of the color and clarity of fine Aquamarine crystals. Aquamarine facilitates calming and cooling, from anger to hot flashes, and they also activate the throat chakra, assisting in the clear communication of one’s highest truth.

Clear Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal with a hexagonal crystal system and a hardness of 7. It is among the most abundant of minerals, and is found on every continent. Clear Quartz is by far the most versatile and multidimensional stone in the mineral realm. Three of its key properties are energy amplification, programmability and memory. Clear Quartz is also a stone of Light, bringing heightened spiritual awareness to whoever wears, carries or meditates with it.

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