Lodalite Adjustable Ring


This lodalite ring appears to have its own little landscape. You could get lost in it. It's set in a 925 sterling silver setting and can be adjusted from size 4 to size 11.

Lodolite is a type of Quartz with different colors and types of inclusions. These inclusions often look like underwater scenes, landscapes, and gardens, making this crystal especially magical. Lodolite is also known as Inclusion Quartz, Lodelite, and Lodalite. It is sometimes called Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz, and Garden Quartz. This stone’s inclusions usually consist of Chlorite, Feldspar, and other materials that give different colored inclusions. These inclusions can be cream, orange, green, or red. They have a healing vibration that’s also magnified by Clear Quartz.

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