Rough Garnet


Listing is for one rough garnet, intuitively chosen. 

Garnet is a silicate group of minerals that was first recorded by Theophrastus. Pliny the Elder additionally recorded this stone in 77 A.D. as Carchedonius Garamanticus or Garamantic Carbuncle. The word Garnet derives from Gernet meaning “dark red” and the word “Granatus'' meaning grain or seed, in reference to its resemblance to a Pomegranate. Traditionally the Garnet group of minerals is composed of 6 sub-minerals: Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartine, Andradite, Grossular, and Uvaroite.

Garnet awakens our inner-fire and helps produce some of the strongest life force energy in the entire mineral kingdom. Pure strength and fortitude is activated within and the confidence in one’s self will raise to an all-time high. Once we are comfortable with ourselves, we are then capable of transmuting the most negative vibrations into positive ones.

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