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Breathe Candle - Freesia & Sea Salt - 100% Soy Wax (Handpoured)

Breathe Candle - Freesia & Sea Salt - 100% Soy Wax (Handpoured)

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Freesia and sea salt are two distinct elements with their own symbolic and potential metaphysical properties. While they might not be traditionally associated in metaphysical practices, we can explore the individual properties of both and how they might complement each other:

Freesia is often associated with beauty, joy, renewal, and feminine energy. Its delicate and fragrant blossoms can carry symbolic meanings related to positivity, new beginnings, and a connection to the heart. Some potential metaphysical properties of Freesia could include:

1. Joy and Positivity: Freesia's vibrant colors and pleasant fragrance could be used to enhance feelings of joy, happiness, and positivity.
2. New Beginnings: Freesia might symbolize fresh starts and new opportunities, making it suitable for intentions related to change and growth.
3. Feminine Energy: The elegance and grace of Freesia could be used to connect with and honor feminine qualities, such as intuition, compassion, and nurturing.
4. Heart-Centeredness: Freesia's heart-shaped petals could remind you to connect with your heart chakra, promoting self-love, empathy, and emotional healing.

Sea Salt:
Sea salt is often associated with purification, protection, and grounding. It's used in various spiritual and cultural practices for cleansing and energetic balance. Some potential metaphysical properties of sea salt could include:

1. Purification: Sea salt is known for its ability to cleanse and purify energy. It's often used in rituals and energy-clearing practices to remove negative or stagnant energies from spaces, objects, or even the aura.
2. Protection: Sea salt is believed to create a protective barrier against negative influences and energies. It can be used to create a sacred and safe environment.
3. Grounding: The natural earthy energy of sea salt can help ground and stabilize your energy, making it useful for meditation, mindfulness, and centering practices.
4. Cleansing Rituals: Sea salt can be incorporated into various cleansing rituals, such as salt baths, energy clearing, and space purification.

Combining Freesia and sea salt might create a blend of energies that promote positivity, renewal, protection, and emotional well-being. For example, you could use Freesia-infused water combined with a pinch of sea salt for a soothing and energetically balanced bath or foot soak. This blend could symbolize cleansing, renewal, and self-care. Ultimately, the metaphysical properties you associate with this combination will depend on your personal beliefs, intentions, and intuitive connection with these elements.

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