Garnet in Fuschite


This garnet in fuschite rough specimen is amazing. Plus you get the bonus of two crystal properties in one piece. 

Garnet is an iron aluminum silicate with a hardness of 7.5. It is found in Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan, Brazil, Austria and the Czech Republic. Its color ranges from orange-red to purplish red. Garnet is a stone of the ancient times in human history, when people were more intimately connected to the Earth, and when life was more physically demanding. It can vibrationally enhance one’s vitality and endurance. It activates and strengthens the base chakra, our portal of connection to the physical world.

Fuchsite is the highest form of Muscovite and helps in synchronizing the emotionality of the heart and the logic of the mind. This stone helps people in tapping the intellect of the mind along with the wisdom and the intuition of the heart so that they are able to make sound decisions

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